Feb. 28, 2022

Why Does This Hot Sauce Taste Like Pizza?

Why Does This Hot Sauce Taste Like Pizza?
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😿 Mike feels weird because the world is fucked.

🍛 The platform for our DAO is very popular.

🤑 People WANT TO INVEST with their friends? Maybe? I hope so.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 After you make a DAO, you need people to fill it.


😞 Sadly... we did not like it.

🍕 Hot Sauce that tastes like pizza is not good.

👅 How important is taste when you’re investing? Some.

💰 As an investment... how soon until they are worth more than $8.5 million? It seems hard.

💦 Liquidity is hard for a Hot Sauce equity investment.

🖼️ An NFT can help us bridge web3 to hot sauce!

🚫 So we don’t like the taste. We don’t like the economics. Should we invest? Probably not, but let’s vote! Mike votes no.

💸 Onboarding someone to Syndicate is hard. ETH + USDC + a wallet + gas fees...

👨‍🎓 It’s hard, but we’re learning.

👯‍♀️ If we’re friends, you can join the DAO. But anyone can sign up in the footer and scout investments!

🗳️ Should we take ads? YES! WE ACCEPT SPONSORSHIPS NOW!

❓ Come tell us who to invest in!

🥚 Let’s go bury some eggs.