May 9, 2022

My Other Bank is a Computer

My Other Bank is a Computer
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Experimental Garden Group is a podcast and DAO that invests in compelling ideas. As a group we are interested in experimenting with how to grow things in the digital and physical world, and our portfolio represents our thesis of investing for returns, for education, and for community.

Today we welcome our first guest, EGG DAO member Kathryn, and let her ask some pointed questions:

  • How do I not be bored by this?
  • How do I get rich quick off it?
  • Can you make me care about an NFT?
  • Who is the most ethical person in crypto?
  • Is there crypto for ladies?
  • How are the hawaiian shirts doing?
  • Crypto and ukraine, do they touch?
  • What THIS WEEK excited you most about crypto and DAOs?
  • What would steve jobs think about crypto?
  • When do we hit the point where people NEED to understand crypto?