Feb. 4, 2022

How DAO is This?

How DAO is This?
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/xGardenGroup

How is a DAO different than a grocery co-op?

The tradition of a grocery co-op is a pretty radical thing.

The DAO is the most lefty thing to come out of crypto.

What is a DAO?

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Who can multiply 3 digit numbers in their head?

The DAO (the first, but it didn't work)

Welcome to E.G.G.

Hosts: Mike + Marcus

Marcus sometimes predicts the future, and Mike follows along.

Mike has been playing with capitalism for longer than makes sense.

Why do we need a DAO to solve... problems?

1. the coordination of human labor

2. the joke of capitalism

3. code vs. law

Can we make things together, better?

Could a grocery co-op be a DAO?

Maybe. The whole supply chain would need to adopt the blockchain...

A DAO is made up of X number of tokens held by Y number of people. Sort of.

Voice + Exit and Capital

There is a DAO that just makes jokes.

Wyoming, which invented the LLC in 1977, recently legalized the formation of a DAO.

Law vs. Code (mentioned again)

The DAO (first DAO) had bad code. It was hacked.

LLC Fever vs. DAO Hysteria

DAOs are taking advantage of a latent desire in society for OWNERSHIP. 

Can we be a DAO?

Yes. It is your destiny.


We will create a community bank account. Which is crypto. And then... figure out what is next.

What is next? Like... in the next 10 years?

Everything could be better, or it could be far, far worse. 

A million small DAOs. Not one psycho DAO.

Every "thing" will be a security. For better or worse.

We will create a chimera, and it might eat us.