Feb. 25, 2022

🗳 Investment Opportunity: Tia Lupita Hot Sauce

In Episode 3 we talk about Tia Lupita, a company that makes hot sauces and tortilla's and is raising money on WeFunder

I'm very excited to invest in a hot sauce company. Hot sauce companies are a symbol of what EGG is all about (see my "Announcing Egg" thesis statement) and Tia Lupita is already in stores and looking to expand.

Before we recorded Episode 3 I was prepping my case for this investment. I knew Marcus was going to attack the fundamentals but I thought I could win him and the other DAO members over with my case for planting a flag in hot sauce as our first investment and also by bringing a bottle of the sauce and tacos for everyone to taste it.

This backfired pretty spectacularly as even I had to admit that I did not like it. We all agreed we do not want Oregano in our hot sauce as that makes us think about pizza. So, I no longer wish to invest in Tia Lupita.

But this is not my DAO, this is our DAO, so I'm putting this investment up for a vote even though I plan to vote no.

Vote on Snapshot

If this vote passes we will invest $1000 USD into Tia Lupita. This transaction will be processed via Mike who will sell the DAO an NFT to hold in our treasury as an IOU on the eventual payout. More details in Episode 3.

DAO Members and listeners can highlight investment opportunities by filling out the Scouting Report form.