March 5, 2022

Investment Opportunities

In Episode 4 we talked about a number of investment opportunities, and I'm listing them all here along with links to the appropriate Snapshot.

ProShares Short S&P 500 ETF - $100

The S&P index is a collection of 500 corporations that trade on American stock markets. This investment would be a “short” of this index - in other words, a bet that the market will go down, not up.

For every percentage loss of the S&P index, our investment would gain the same amount. It’s a bet against corporate America, in a time of great uncertainty. 

But remember, markets have been on a non-stop up and to the right bender for years. If that continues, we could lose money on this trade.

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Bitcoin - $200

The granddaddy of all crypto-currencies. Satoshi’s mysterious gift to this world / math-based ideology bomb that global banks and world governments are still grappling with.

Bitcoin was the first real crypto coin and it’s still the most valuable. But on the other hand, it’s kind of old and slow, and a lot of its most rabid supporters are pretty intensely Libertarian.  

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Ethereum - $200

Crypto’s unicorn hoodie-wearing megachurch youth pastor. Created and inspirationally lead by notable real person Vitalik Buterin.

Ethereum was released several years after Bitcoin but contains a number of upgrades, such as being more programmable via “smart contracts.” Although it’s not worth as much as Bitcoin, it’s a close second, and many would argue that it could someday overtake Bitcoin as the top coin on the planet.

On the other hand, Ethereum is also slow and very expensive to run - even simple transactions can cost hundreds of dollars. They’ve had a pending 2.0 upgrade in the works for years that might fix everything - but will it ship?

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Lukso - $200

Lukso is one of thousands of new coins on the block, and isn’t worth nearly as much as Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can buy the coin today, but the actual blockchain network is still in beta.

Lukso is designed for “contemporary creative economies” — fashion in particular. And it’s got a notable founder: Fabian Vogelsteller, creator of the ERC-20 (tokens) and ERC-721 (NFT) standards. 

Users of Lukso will enjoy a number of improvements over other blockchains, but will they have enough momentum to catch up with the big guys? Probably not, but this is a high-risk investment that could have a high reward. (There’s long been a rumor of a potential Nike collaboration. If that happens, the price of this coin could go bonkers overnight.)

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ZED RUN Z10 Genesis Female Horse NFT - $540

ZED is an NFT-based virtual horse racing game. This specific horse is an un-raced genesis horse which will (likely) be eligible to receive an airdrop of ZED's token when it launches this month (which will also bring interest to ZED which presents an opportunity to sell for a profit).

Median price for Z10 genesis female horses is $772. Seller and DAO member give the DAO a 30% discount ($540).

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EVAVERSE Turtle Troop NFT ~ $175

EVAVERSE is a competitive web3 social game, built by two veteran game developers. They are one of the only games on Steam that has gameplay that supports NFT based items.

Our scout met one of the cofounders and learned they recently closed a round. Scout's assessment is that the recent investment will spike the price of their NFTs, and on top of that there is a compelling vision for the development of the game which should also result in increased NFT value.

(Based on this information I already bought one for myself -MM)

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Artillery Brewing Loan - $500

This is a 12% loan to Artillery Brewing which is paid back on a quarterly basis over 60 months (5 years). As one of the top 50 breweries in the Delaware Valley Artillery Brewing is a high-end craft beer microbrewery with a brand focused on the history of the American Revolution. Founded by Michael Loveless and Paul Zippel after a decade of home brewing they are looking to expand to another taproom.

If approved DAO member Mike Merrill will co-invest another $500 in order to reach the minimum investment level that unlocks the gold-metal printed special edition "I Funded the Revolution" mug which grants lifetime admission to the "Investor Mug Club," offering a 15% discount on all Artillery beer poured. This will be difficult to redeem as Mike lives in LA, but he's excited about it and will make a point to visit. 

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Papa John's Central Europe - $225

Christopher Wynne has the exclusive franchise rights to Papa John's in Russia, Poland, and Germany. This is just an amazing presentation and we encourage you to watch the video.

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Lords of Fortune LLC - $100

This is a man with an eyepatch who wants to salvage a famous treasure. Martin Bayerle and his merry crew are off on a real adventure, and promise us up to a 6X return!

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Sienna Sauce - $100

Equity investment into a hot sauce company. Tyla-Simone Crayton began bottling her own sauce at 14 years old. In 2019 at 16 years of age, Tyle-Simone expanded it into a full-fledged business, "that now, in 2021, is ready to rocket into the stratosphere."

How do we make money on a hot sauce they are valuing at $7.5 million? Honestly I am not sure, but it seems like a great hot sauce.

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Canvino - $100

Equity investment in canned wine! I mean, someone is going to want to buy this, right? They have Chris Carrabba as a partner/investor/ambassador (who? oh, he's from Dashboard Confessional, a band). 

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